New blog series

I am excited to announce that I am launching a new blog series on biblical sorrow and mourning after Baby loss in partnership with lifestreams media. This will be a 7 month long series where I will monthly post on the following topics:

  • Month one: Sorrow and Mourning
  • Month two: God Knows and Feels Our Pain
  • Month three: Anger and Bitterness
  • Month four: Forgiveness
  • Month five: The Need for Community
  • Month six: God Promises Peace
  • Month seven: The Nature of Death & the After Life

This series will be for all baby loss moms from all walks of life. It is based in compassion for all losses from miscarriage to abortion and infant loss. At the beginning of the series I will also post a helpful film documentary that I encourage readers to watch along with this series of posts, however watching the film is completely optional. The content of the posts will not be dependent on watching the film.

Don't forget to share with another baby loss mom who may find this series helpful and healing. If you want to get a head start on watching the film, you can do so below.