What We Believe


WE BELIEVE that the Holy Scriptures, both the Tanakh and B'rit Chadashah (Old and New Testaments) are our only Creed. They are the infallible revelation of G-d’s will. They are the standard of character, the test of experience, the authoritative revealer of doctrines, and the trustworthy record of G-d’s acts in history.


WE BELIEVE G-d is One. He alone is our G-d, Who is, Who was and Who always will be." and as stated in the Shema; "Hear O Israel, Adonai Elohainu , Adonai Echad ." G-d is immortal, all-powerful, all-knowing, above all, and ever present. He is infinite and beyond human comprehension, yet He has made Himself known through His self-revelations as Father, Son, and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).


WE BELIEVE that G-d as the eternal Abba (Father) is the Creator, Source, Sustainer, and Sovereign of all creation. He is just and holy, merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

Ben Elohim

WE BELIEVE that G-d as the eternal Ben Elohim (Son of G-d), is the Word which became flesh and dwelt among us. Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our faith: He was manifested in the flesh, vindicated by the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory. By His miracles He manifested G-d’s power and was attested as G-d’s promised Messiah. He suffered and died voluntarily on a cross for our sins and in our place, was raised from the dead, and ascended to minister in the heavenly Mishkan (sanctuary) in our behalf.

Ruach Hakodesh

WE BELIEVE that the spirit of Elohim inspired the writers of Scripture. He filled Messiah's life with power. draws and convicts human beings. He extends spiritual gifts to His People, empowers them to bear witness to Mashiach, and in harmony with the Scriptures leads them into all truth.


WE BELIEVE as Scripture states: Bereshith bara Elohim (In the beginning G-d created). G-d is Creator of all things, and has revealed in Scripture the authentic account of His creative activity. In six days Adonai made “the heavens and the earth” and all living things upon the earth, and rested on the seventh day of that first week.

Nature of Man

WE BELIEVE as quoted from the Artscroll Tehillim series, Volume I (Psalms 1 – 30), where the Rabbis describe the fall of Adam by stating: "Not only did Adam fall; he dragged the entire universe down with him". Man and and woman were made in the Zelem (image) of G-d with individuality, the power and freedom to think and to do. When our first parents disobeyed G-d, they denied their dependence upon Him and fell from their high position under G-d. The image of G-d in them was marred and they became subject to death. Their descendants share this fallen nature and its consequences.

Life, Death and Resurrection of Mashiach (Messiah)

WE BELIEVE that the death of Messiah is redeeming and provides kaparah (covering of sin); it is reconciling and transforming. The resurrection of Messiah proclaims G-d’s triumph over the yetzer hara (evil inclination, forces of evil), and for those who accept the atonement through Messiah assures their final victory over sin and death.

Experience Redemption

WE BELIEVE that in infinite love and mercy G-d made Messiah, who knew no chatat (sin), to be sin for us, so that in Him we might be made the righteousness of G-d. Led by Ruach HaKodesh we sense our need, acknowledge our sinfulness, repent of our Pesha (transgressions), and exercise faith in Yeshua as Adonai and Messiah, as Substitute and Example. Only through Messiah are we justified; adopted as G-d’s benei and banot (sons and daughters), and delivered from the lordship of avon (iniquity). Abiding in Him we become partakers of the divine nature and have the assurance of salvation now and in the time of judgment.

Growing in Messiah

WE BELIEVE Yeshua is The Way. By His death on the stake, Yeshua triumphed over the yetzer hara (evil inclination, forces of evil,). We also Believe that the Ruach HaKodesh dwells within us and empowers us, to be continually committed to Yeshua as our Saviour and Adonai, we are set free from the burden of our past deeds. No longer do we live in the darkness, fear of evil powers, ignorance, and meaninglessness of our former way of life. We are called to grow into the likeness of His character, communing with Him daily in prayer, feeding on His Word, meditating on it and on His providence, singing His praises, and gathering together for worship.


WE BELIEVE that the Kehilah (congregation) is the community of believers who confess Yeshua HaMashiach as Adonai and Saviour. We believe in Kehilah organization as we are called out from the world and join together for worship, for fellowship, for instruction in the Word, for service to all mankind, and for the worldwide proclamation of the gospel of Yeshua our Messiah.

Kehilah's Mission

WE BELIEVE that our Mission is to be one in Messiah, sharing His life, love and message of salvation to a lost world and to strive to be a congregation that keeps the commandments of G-d and our faith in Yeshua.

Unity in the Body of Messiah

WE BELIEVE that the Kehillah is one body with many members, called from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. In Messiah we are a new creation; distinctions of race, culture, learning, and nationality, and differences between high and low, rich and poor, male and female, must not be divisive among us. We are all equal in Messiah.


WE BELIEVE in the practice of immersion in living waters as a public expression of faith in Yeshua .


WE BELIEVE in celebrating the Moedim (Appointed Times); non-salvific celebrations , such as the Passover (also known as the L-rd’s supper) which is not only a participation in the rememberance of our freedom from slavery in Egypt, but also of the emblems of the body and blood of Yeshua as an expression of faith in Him. We can appreciate that Biblical Feasts such as Passover, Shavuot, Yom Truah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, all act as G-d’s prophetic appointed times which point to the work of Redemption, Sanctification, Atonement and a New Jerusalem; all which are only fulfilled through Yeshua HaMashiach. Preparation for the celebrations includes self-examination, repentance, and confession.


WE BELIEVE that the great principles of G-d’s Torah are embodied in the Ten Commandments and exemplified in the life of Mashiach. They express G-d’s love, will, and purposes concerning human conduct and relationships and are binding upon all people in every age. These precepts are the basis of G-d’s covenant with His people and the standard in G-d’s judgment.


WE BELIEVE that the beneficent Creator, after the six days of Creation, rested on the seventh day and instituted the Shabbat for all people as a memorial of Creation. The Shabbat is G-d’s perpetual sign of His eternal covenant between Him and His people. Joyful observance of this holy time from evening to evening, sunset to sunset, is a celebration of G-d’s creative and redemptive acts.


WE BELIEVE that we are G-d’s stewards, and believe it is our purpose to worship G-d and support the world body through our tithes and offerings and by our personal efforts and influence.

Messiah-like Behavior

WE BELIEVE we are called to be a Holy People. According to Rabbi Maimonides the term “a Holy People” means a promise of eternal life with G-d. We are called to be a holy people who think, feel, and act in harmony with the principles of heaven. For the Spirit to recreate in us the character of our Adonai we involve ourselves only in those things which will produce Messiah-like purity, health, and joy in our lives. We consider our bodies as the temple of the Ruach Elohim and we honour G-d by caring for it with a healthy lifestyle and Biblical dietary choices.

Heavenly Mishkan

WE BELIEVE there is a Mishkan (Sanctuary) in heaven, the true tabernacle which Adonai set up and not man. In it, Messiah ministers on our behalf, making available to believers the benefits of His atoning sacrifice offered once for all on the cross. He was inaugurated as our great Cohen Hagadol (High Priest) and began His intercessory ministry at the time of His ascension.

Death & Resurrection

WE BELIEVE as quoted by Rabbi Maimonides: “that there will be a resurrection of the dead whenever the wish emanates from G-d.” G-d, who alone is immortal, will grant eternal life to His redeemed. When Messiah who is our life appears, the resurrected righteous and the living righteous will be glorified and caught up to meet their Adonai.

A Millennium & End of Sin

WE BELIEVE as The Talmud (Sanhedrin 97a) states: “The world is to exist six thousand years. In the first two thousand there was desolation; two thousand years the Torah flourished; and the next two thousand years is the Messianic era”. It has been about 2000 years that we have already been in the Messianic era. There will also be a millennium, which is a thousand-year reign of Messiah with His people in heaven. During this time the wicked dead will be judged; the earth will be utterly desolate, without living human inhabitants, but occupied by HaSatan and his fallen angels. At its close Mashiach with His People and the Holy City will descend from heaven to earth. (Note: If we go to heaven at all at Messiah’s return, I agree with this statement 100%. However, going to heaven is not the pinnacle of the scriptures nor the goal of the believer. The new heaven and the new earth is the final goal as expressed below.)

Olam Habaa

WE BELIEVE in Olam Habaa (New Earth). On the Olam Habaa, in which righteousness dwells, G-d will provide an eternal home for the redeemed and a perfect environment for everlasting life, love, joy, and learning in His presence. For here G-d Himself will pitch His Mishkan (dwell) with His people, and suffering and death will have passed away.