The following paragraph is from lifestreams media:

"Most of us have been taught that good people don’t get angry. This is why it can be unsettling to feel rage after pregnancy loss. But anger is one of the most common emotions people feel toward God in the aftermath of aborted dreams. After all, God is our Creator and Sustainer, isn’t He? Why didn’t He show up and do His job to save my baby? Perhaps He doesn’t really think I was living a good enough life to help me? That must be the reason! And so it goes. We get angry at God, and we get angry with ourselves and oftentimes with others. Before long, the root of bitterness can grow and cut off any hope for a healthy future. Perhaps your anger has even caused you to stop talking to God. But, if you believe everything the Bible teaches about Him, you know it is the Devil that causes death and destruction, not God. And the God of the Bible is patient and understanding enough to love you even through the “silent treatment.” The Bible also teaches that God has a plan and will execute a final solution for the problem of evil, pain and suffering. He invites you to hold on, to trust Him even though you are hurting."-Lifestreams media