My Rigorous Treatment Plan | TTC After Loss

My Rigorous Treatment Plan | TTC After Loss

I didn't learn all of my test results from the previous post in one blow. Phew! One thing that changed after losing Julian is that bad news such as this feels a shade more manageable than before. Seeing the plan and realizing the time and work I would need to put into it, was absolutely daunting at first. I cried. I prayed. I even questioned if the possibility of mothering another child was worth the cost.

But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me. - II Timothy 4:17

I also called up my friend, my dad and my family for some much needed advice. They were all super supportive and so incredibly encouraging. My mom & dad continue to pray for and with me. They are so sweet. The Mr. and I had serious long convos over this. He has been so strong for me, which is so needed and appreciated.

The Plan

The idea is to trial a treatment for 6-8 weeks and check on my labs again at the end to see if anything improves. If my new labs show improvement, then we can move forward with TTC.

Shots: The scariest part of the plan for me were the heparin shots. I have to stick myself with insulin sized needles every twelve hours. Weekly monitoring is also needed and will require me to visit the lab for blood samples (more needles). My family knows how much I hate shots! However this is necessary to reduce my clotting risk and will most probably be necessary during any future pregnancy as well.

Antivirals: Dr. Couvaras has been studying Hashimotos for years and has found it is often related to viral infections. Most people carry a number of viruses in their system. They stick around in the body for the rest of your life however in some instances they may periodically become reactivated. He hopes to be able to squash the viruses back to their dormant state before any new pregnancy is attempted. Therefore my plan calls for several different prescriptions meds to be taken daily.

I am currently taking a long list of supplements that the Doctor recommended to aid in offsetting my genetic vulnerabilities. I have never taken so many pills in my life. It has definitely been a challenge to take 15-20 supplement capsules in addition to the rest of my meds. Also due to my defective MTHFR gene I was advised to stay away from folate enriched foods which is basically all wheat products that are not whole wheat.

Here is a list of all the supplements I am currently taking:

  • SOD/Catalase 3X daily antioxidant support

  • Calcium Pyruvate for mitochondrial support

  • NADH for mitocondrial support

  • Pantothenic Acid for mitocondrial support

  • Glycine 2X daily for antioxidant & methylation support

  • Folinic Acid for methylation support

  • Complete Minerals 2X daily for methylation support

  • L-arginine for nitric oxide support

  • L-theanine 1-2X daily for anxiety

  • Vitamin B6 for anxiety

  • Magnessium 1-2X daily for anxiety

  • Niacin for anxiety

So far I am on week three of my treatment and everything has being going well. I had a slight sensitivity to one of the drugs I was taking, so we switched to another. We welcome all prayers and positive vibes you send our way!

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