I can't believe November has come and gone. We just had Thanksgiving dinner and soon December will be here along with my 31st birthday. Bleh. My ideal age is 17 but I wouldn't mind being 25 either. I can dream right? These three things I am most grateful for this month.

Green Lights

Just before celebrating Julian's two year angelversary, I got some surprisingly pleasing news at the Dr.'s office. Turns out all my hard TTC work since January has finally paid off. Our RE has finally given us the green light to try to conceive! It's been a painstaking journey and I've learned so much about my health, clotting disorders, MTFHR, hashimotos and trauma. Looking back, I think my mind & body needed an entire two years before taking on the huge responsibility of creating new life once again. My mind and heart may never truly be 100% again but through God's help I have been able to find healing and confidence in trying again. I am so thankful to the Lord for his healing power and ability to uplift the spirit of the broken through his son.

Green Grass

We finally have a yard for our son to ride his trike and vehicles in. For over a year our yard was a complete weed jungle and pretty sad looking. Now we have a green beautiful lawn, some young trees and ready to plant garden beds. I cannot wait to get my veggie and flower beds going this winter and spring. The weather is also perfect in Phoenix right now for outdoor get togethers. I am so thankful that this year we could invite our family over for thanksgiving in our yard.


Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD! - Psalms 27:14

Perseverance and patience may sound like the same thing, but actually one is a bit different than the other. Patience is when you're good at waiting and staying calm. Perseverance is the ability to remain patient and steadfast in the face of adversity or trouble without losing courage. I'm actually terrible at playing the patience game. In fact I'm horribly inpatient with my son, myself and my husband. However impatient I may be, the Lord has been able to create a spirit of perseverance within me and my family. Without this, I would not be able to sit here and write to you today about ttc, Julian, our thanksgiving dinner or my gratitude for anything in life. I am so thankful for a God who can bypass patience and work perseverance into my life.

Attitude of Gratitude is my way of sharing what I'm currently grateful for and the things that have aided me in my own personal practice of Stoic Christianity. These two things have played a large role in my path to healing and spiritual recovery after baby loss. Each month I will do my best to post the top three things that I am currently grateful for.