The word "Kippur" in Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement comes from the Hebrew language. "Kippur" (כִּפּוּר) is derived from the Hebrew root "kaf-pur" (כ־פ־ר), which has the general meaning of "to atone," "to cover," or "to forgive." In the context of Yom Kippur, it specifically refers to the act of atoning for one's sins or seeking forgiveness from God.

During Yom Kippur, we have an opportunity to engage in prayers, fasting, and repentance as a way to seek forgiveness for our sins and to reconcile with God. The word "Kippur" reflects the central theme of this holy day, which is the atonement and forgiveness of sins. It's a time for introspection, reflection, and a sincere desire to be forgiven and start anew in one's relationship with God.

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Suggested Instructions for Copybook Lessons:
1. Read the outline and summary together
2. Recite the verse out loud and have your child join you
3. Trace and copy the verse on the copybook sheet
4. Draw a picture of the verse

This is a homeschool digital download to be printed at home. Suitable for primary grades and inspired by a classical homeschool curriculum. All lessons based on the TLV or ESV bible version

1-Yom Kippur Intro
1-Yom Kippur Outline
1-Yom Kippur JrK Vocab
1-Yom Kippur Copywork (print/script)
1-Torah scroll

PDF (8.5X11)