Bamidbar is the fourth book of the Torah, known in English as the book of Numbers. In Hebrew, "Bamidbar" (ื‘ึทึผืžึดึผื“ึฐื‘ึธึผืจ) means "in the wilderness" or "in the desert." Where Leviticus was about the heart and character of the Father through His laws, Bamidbar or Numbers gets back to narrating the story of the Israelites in the wilderness. Get ready for some beautiful story telling and learning all about the wilderness journey!

Don't forget your wilderness roadmap!

What's New this Month?

  • Tents in the Wilderness
  • Nazarite bible characters
  • Story telling!

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This is a homeschool digital download to be printed at home. Suitable for primary grades and inspired by a classical homeschool curriculum. All lessons based on the TLV or ESV bible version


  • Summary, copybook and activity pages for each of the following Torah portions
  • Bamidbar
  • Naso
  • Beha'alotcha
  • Sh'lach
  • Wilderness Roadmap

5 PDF files (8.5X11)