So excited to get into the book of Exodus! The story of Moses and the Exodus is my personal favorite since I was a child. I remember asking my mother to read this special story to me from the bible when I was a little girl. I also had a little picture book and audio cassette I would listen to about baby Moses in the basket. 🧺

As an adult, I love the way this book ties into the Passover, Yeshua's sacrifice on the cross and the Book of Revelation. The pattern of the Exodus is so important for understanding the depths of the gospel. It is a story of deliverance and freedom from sin and death. A story of a Lamb who was slain. πŸ‘

What's New for Shemot?

  • Hebrew word vocab and tracing
  • Scrambled word activity
  • 10 plagues coloring booklet
  • Comparing Moses & Messiah

Do you have a suggestion to add? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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This is a homeschool digital download to be printed at home. Suitable for primary grades and inspired by a classical homeschool curriculum. All lessons based on the TLV or ESV bible version


  • Summary, copybook and activity pages for each of the following Torah portions
  • Shemot
  • Va'era
  • Bo
  • Beshalach

5 PDF files (8.5X11)