"I'd been so focused on the vampires and the werewolves, I'd forgotten about the human capacity for change, for adaptation." - Bella Swan, "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer

Discerning the Devil in the Details

Society often pushes us into making stark, black-and-white decisions on a laundry list of complex issues. There's little room left for the nuances, the grays, and the intricate details of each matter. We've been trained, perhaps unwittingly, by media and influencers to hastily take sides on significant topics, often without engaging in any meaningful reasoning—sometimes none at all! This approach doesn't foster discernment; if anything, it might be molding minds that are easily swayed and manipulated.

The discourse surrounding Transhumanism is no exception. Many of us have undoubtedly encountered a barrage of podcasts, videos, and articles attempting to oversimplify transhumanism into one of two extremes: either it's "the devil" or "the answer to all our problems." In reality, it's neither. So what is it exactly?