Secret gospels about Mary Magdalene and hidden quotes of Jesus may sound intriguing to some and harmless enough. However these Gnostic writtings are not harmless. What do Gnostic writings and Aleister Crowley have in common? Did you know that Gnosticism has infiltrated Christianity, Judaism and Islamic religion through mysticism? What about the theory of evolution and transhumanism?

In Part Two of my Gnosticism course I will help you understand the structure of Gnostic Spirituality so that you may easily recognize it in all areas of our culture. I will also help you recognize how Gnostic spirituality can lead to depression and anxiety but the Word of God and the humanity of Christ can bring us peace of mind in an anxious world.

I am sharing my course on Gnosticism entirely for FREE. My aim is to equip you for the spirituality of the future and to help you discern biblical truth from fiction. The information in this video course may challenge some deep seated traditions and doctrines you may have grown up with in Sunday school. Take your time watching these videos. Pray about the information and test it to the scriptures. Allow the Holy Spirit to help digest everything in His time.

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I pray the course will bless you abundantly! Look out for Part 3 in the next coming weeks 🙌🏼