Is health and wellness a priority in your life? I grew up with health and wellness in the center of our home. I ate raw stevia sticks as a child, mom would sprinkle flax seed flakes over our fruit salad, dad made us go on detox plans that included colonics and saunas, we only ate kosher, my religion encouraged vegetarianism/veganism and emphasized abstinence from tobacco and alcohol, recreational drug use was out of the question. I honestly thought all those things were super normal until I realized it wasn't.

I didn't exactly retain much of that knowledge except for a general appreciation for healthy kosher diets, an active lifestyle and a close to zero tolerance for toxic substances in my body. How exactly do you put it all into practice and what tools are there to keep yourself at it consistently?

Change Your Mindset

Often times we adopt new diets or new years weight loss resolutions with a lackluster motivator in mind. Working out so you can look like Jlo is not nearly as motivating as working out because you love your body enough to get yourself into peak performance status for life's greatest events.

Adopting a new diet because you want to lose the muffin top in three weeks is not nearly as motivating as eating healthy so you can better live out life's best moments with purpose and intention.

Idk about you but when I eat that starchy cake or have a sip of that syrupy drink, my energy, mental capabilities and overall mood drops down to none and I know I'm not being the best person I can be. Maybe you want to cut the sugar out because you can visualize how toxic it is to your cells and how it is slowly helping them mutate, oxidize and aging them one at a time.

Think of your body as a temple where priests only allow the best of the best to abide inside because it is holy. Yes I'm totally borrowing that from the bible but it is a much stronger motivator than eating or not eating something because you want to look like Jlo. Be your own body's priestly advocate today!

My Bellabeat Leaf Tracker

I use to wear a Jawbone Up last year but I rendered it useless since I always forgot to charge it and never actually wore it half the time. Last year I decided to get my Bellabeat Leaf Tracker (affiliate) and it is about a thousand times more effective mainly because I actually wear it everyday! It is not rechargeable, instead it's more like a watch where you only have to change the battery every once in a blue moon.

The Leaf tracker is absolutely beautiful and completely versatile. It can be worn as a cute bracelet, as a necklace or on your clothing. Usually I wear mine on my wrist but if I'm off to pilates or running, then I'll usually clip it on to my work out top. At night it tracks sleep patterns. When it's not counting my steps or tracking my sleep, it's tracking my ehum... time of the month or stress levels.

One awesome thing about it that I only discovered a couple weeks ago (i've owned it for at least 6 months now 🙈), is its mindfulness feature. Through the leaf app you can actually meditate via guided mobile meditations. The Leaf tracks you're breathing during meditation and helps brings down your stress levels. I've tried a few of them and they are oh so relaxing.

Lastly, the Leaf also doubles as a pregnancy tracking tool if you need it to be. It's as simple as turning the feature on or off. I will actually be doing my first giveaway exclusively for Sweet Julian readers very soon, so keep reading my letters for a chance to win your very own Leaf!

The Leaf also has a sister app called Shell which is an innovative baby heartbeat monitor. Unfortunately it is currently completely sold out for my iPhone version. It sold out in less than 24 hours after launch! The Shell is a separate device that works with its own app and allows expectant moms to listen to their baby's heartbeat, record & share heartbeats, count kicks and much more. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on one.

Amazon Prime

When you have about a dozen+ supplements to take like I do (check out my current list here), Amazon prime is a lifesaver. Some supplements are not available on Amazon and I have to buy them through my Drs office, however the bulk of my daily vitamins and supplements can be easily found on there. I'm terrible at keeping track of things I need to purchase on a regular basis like baby wipes, paper towels, vitamins etc. This is where Amazon Prime (Get a free trial through my affiliate link) has my back by remembering exactly which product I purchased before, the ability to subscribe to items for recurrent delivery, and the added bonus of always getting free two day shipping when you need something quick.

If you're a super procrastinator like me there will come a time when you absolutely need something now, like how I just completely ran out of Glycine and L-Theamine, there's Amazon NOW for that too.

Reminder Apps

Currently I have ten different recurrent reminders on my iPhone under Health. I also have a Home, Vitor, Sweet Julian and Work list. Sheesh! It can get a little super overwhelming especially when you are a busy stressed mama. There are plenty of other productivity apps that have reminders besides the native iPhone app. I know my husband has been trying to get me to use Asana and other people swear by Evernote.

Those daily reminders really go a long way in keeping my health goals and objectives at the forefront of my mind. If I'm on my phone or on my laptop, I will not miss a reminder. I'll admit that sometimes it's really annoying. Sometimes I hate those little pop pups with a passion, but in the end they get the job done. They bring important health to do's up to the forefront where I can make a choice everyday or every few hours to make my health a priority now.

Join me in making health and wellness a priority in your life. Do you have favorite tools that help you meet your health goals on a daily basis?

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