Hanukkah begins on the 25th of Kislev. It is a time for celebrating freedom, bravery, and miracles. Families light candles, play games, eat yummy food, and remember the amazing story of how a small group of heroes stood up for what they believed in and how a little bit of oil turned into something incredible!

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Suggested Instructions for Copybook Lessons:
1. Read the outline and summary together
2. Recite the verse out loud and have your child join you
3. Trace and copy the verse on the copybook sheet
4. Draw a picture of the verse

This is a homeschool digital download to be printed at home. Suitable for primary grades and inspired by a classical homeschool curriculum. All lessons based on the TLV or ESV bible version

1-Hanukkah Intro
1-Hanukkah Outline
1-Hanukkah JrK Vocab
1-Hanukkah Copywork (print & script)
1-Torah scroll
3-Coloring pages

PDF (8.5X11)