Every year the school holds an Easter Luncheon where the children hunt for eggs, eat candy and they eat a potluck style picnic lunch. Although we are Christians, Easter festivities around eggs, candy and bunnies has always seemed silly and no-sequitor to me. So V had never participated in an egg hunt before this. Later that day V had something to add.

mama the easter bunny was at school today.


it was brown and it pooped.


We do have a lot of wild rabbit in phoenix. Maybe one was the easter bunny this year? Could be.

V started his first year of pre-school in spring of 2016. He likes to do montessori "work" and feel helpful. His school is a neighborhood home turned into a school and it has a beautiful backyard full of green trees.

I drop him off at 850 am and pick him up at noon. He gets valeted out of our car in the mornings, then does outdoor work for the majority of the time which includes dish washing, garden watering, flower picking and "tray work". If you are not familiar with montessori, "tray work" is basically an activity like pouring, sorting, or other classroom work placed in a child-sized small tray. When they are finished with their work, they learn to put it back in its shelf space and grab another tray. It's so wonderful to know that his little toddler boy brain and spirit is being developed in such a way that makes him feel needed and useful.