The paragraph quoted below is from lifestreams media:

One thing that makes the Bible authentic is its depiction of real human problems, especially among those who believed in God. From Job to John the Baptist, the Bible is full of stories of pain and asking God “why.” If we take the time to read their stories, we can find comfort. We find that even if they never got answers to the “why” questions, if they didn’t give up, they eventually found peace and security in God. And just like in the Bible stories, in order to begin a healing journey, we must start by being honest about how we feel, even if we can’t express it. Denying or suppressing our loss by burying it or pushing it away will only delay the grieving process. Sometimes it feels like we’re caught in the storm without an anchor to hold on to. The Bible vividly expresses our often inexpressible pain. -Lifestreams Media