Free Baby Loss Journal | Healing one broken heart at a time

Free Baby Loss Journal | Healing one broken heart at a time

This journal is meant to help those mothers connect with their baby in a manner that will also help heal and inspire her grieving heart.

The book contains phrases and prompts that highlight the baby’s imprint in the mother’s life and provides uplifting quotes from the baby loss community. It allows the mother to commemorate and honor the brief life of her baby in a meaningful way just as any mother of a newborn child would want. It is my hope that this journal fills in the gap between pregnancy and baby journals since not all pregnancies end in life. Read more about my personal healing journey after baby loss.


After having the most blissful pregnancy with my firstborn, I decided one more wouldn’t hurt.

My second pregnancy was the complete opposite and I experienced all the woes of pregnancy from morning sickness to sleepless nights and finally fetal demise. My sweet Julian’s heart stopped beating in utero at thirty-one weeks and nobody saw it coming because I was young, fit and healthy with a prior unremarkable yet successful pregnancy. I delivered my sleeping baby with all the pains associated with labor and much more.

While surviving the worst pain in my life and struggling through paralyzing grief, I began to write letters to my baby on my iPhone.

I realized this helped tremendously and soon learned through online community support that many other mothers who experienced baby loss through miscarriage or stillbirth, also found healing in journaling. As I walked the baby isles at the bookstores, there were no journals dedicated to baby loss and nothing to honor their brief lives among the rows of pregnancy and baby memory books. If there were any books on the subject, they were in the bereavement section with sad and gloomy colors.

Pregnancy loss is a fact of life experienced by 1 in 4 mothers all over the world.

Something that was truly a wake-up call for me was the lack of information and preventative education surrounding the topic of stillbirth and baby loss. Not once did my doctor ever mention the risks surrounding baby loss through either of my pregnancies. The worse case scenarios after the first trimester always seemed to be premature labor, gestational diabetes, congenital deformations, the possibility of an unwanted C-section and of course SIDS. Not to make light of those very scary pregnancy outcomes (I would never take any risk for granted anymore) but somehow my doctor failed to ever mention that stillbirth is the cause of more than 10 times as many deaths as the number that occur from SIDS?! It’s time that these babies are acknowledged in the medical community and in our society as a whole. I know our culture has increasingly become more empathetic on the subject and mothers who have experienced such a loss are beginning to speak out. Celebrities are becoming more outspoken about their struggles with procreation and our culture is slowly gaining awareness about the issues surrounding baby loss. If you are one of these mamas, I hope you will speak out too.

Please share this post with baby loss mamas everywhere in honor of Pregnancy Loss and Remembrance awareness. You never know who's heart you will touch today.

Huge thanks to the following sites for including my Baby Loss Journal in their resources page! If you would like to be added please download my journal and contact me with your interest in featuring my journal as a baby loss resource.

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