Attitude of Gratitude | February

Attitude of Gratitude | February

Its the month of hearts and love. No better month to begin my gratitude posts again. It's been a while and I know its time to continue practicing thankfulness. These are the top three things I am thankful for this month.


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Is it spring yet?! 💕🙌🏼

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This little guy has been growing so big and strong. He passed his early intervention evaluation for speech and physical therapy with flying colors. He is not behind at his adjusted age or his actual age. This is amazing news for us as we head into 2020. Eliaz is the miracle that keeps on giving. Hes come a long way from his micropreemie nicu days for sure.

Vitor is one year older

Craziest thing happened this year on V's birthday. Both mom and dad were sick with a terrible GI bug. I cannot believe neither of us could attend his birthday celebration. Thankfully the grandparents and aunties stepped in to make his day so special. Thank goodness for them! This guy has grown so much in the last few months it seems like. He is blossoming into a wonderful young man with a deep desire to be helpful and nurturing to those he loves.


Last but not least, I am so grateful that lately I have been able to have more productivity time. The homeschooling learning curve is winding down for us and also our baby is quickly becoming a toddler 😢, so I have a little bit more time on my hands to do and create the things I love.

Attitude of Gratitude is my way of sharing what I'm currently grateful for and the things that have aided me in my own personal practice of Stoic Christianity. These two things have played a large role in my path to healing and spiritual recovery after baby loss. Each month I will do my best to post the top three things that I am currently grateful for.

HELLO. I've reimagined my life to focus less on outward signaling and more on being present in life, enjoying family and nurturing the spirit. Join me as I live, love, learn & heal!
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