Passover Children's Book

Passover Children's Book

I have been doing a lot of watercoloring behind the scenes. It's a way for me to practice my art and it's been a nice distraction from all the stuff going on in the world around us. Mostly it has also been a good way to meditate on the words of Jesus in the gospels as I have been creating a beautiful passover childrens book this year. What did Jesus say on Passover? Is now available on Amazon.

The full story behind my “What did Jesus say” books:
I woke up one morning in 2021 with a very strong inspiration. I just knew I had to make Children’s books on Yeshua’s own words during the holidays He celebrated. It was the first thought in my mind as I awoke and it felt like I had been thinking about it in my sleep for hours. I even knew the exact bible verses I would use!

The first thing I did that morning was tell my husband about my inspiration. Then literally my best friend texted me saying she felt like she needed to make a Children’s book on the sabbath 😍 I was like no way!! I’m making Children’s books too!

That was the confirmation I needed to get going on my project. I have made 24 watercolor illustrations so far. 12 for Hanukkah, 12 for Passover and hope to make 12 more for Sukkot 🤗 The Hanukkah book is already available, Passover Book is in the works and my Sukkot book will be next 🙏🏼 God willing!

I will be giving away a copy of the book away over on my instagram account if your are interested.

Happy Passover! Chag Pesach sameach!

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