It's no secret that many women facing pregnancy after loss may sometimes require administering shots on themselves. Whether it be ivf shots or heparin shots like me, we have to find the best way to do these with minimal pain. I've been doing heparin shots for many months now due to genetic elevated blood clotting markers, and these are the tips I founds most useful for me.

Use a Mirror

When I first learned I had to jab myself with these little insulin sized needles, I was so discouraged. I've always had anxiety about needles since I was little. So during the first few shots I found it helpful to look in a mirror as I injected myself, rather than looking straight at the needle on my skin. It was a way to remove myself visually from the equation and I was able to look at my reflection instead. I have no idea how this helped my fear but it did! After a day or two of looking at my reflection in the mirror, I was able to finally look directly at my own belly with the needle without feeling squeamish.

Ice the Spot

My nurse bestie recommended icing the spot for a few seconds right before you jab. I found this useful as it helps numb the spot just enough to reduce pain. It's good to have an ice pack or ice bag ready if your a big baby about pain like me.

Find the Sweet Spot

After doing heparin shots for a few weeks, you will find your sweet spot. Pay close attention to the areas that are more or less painful. I have found that the fattiest and least muscular parts of by belly, right under the navel, hurts significatnly less. This might not be your sweet spot so try out different parts of your belly and keep an eye out for yours.

Push The Heparin Slow

The nurse at my doctor's office actually gave me this tip. She told me the heparin will actually sting more if your push the medication too quick. She was right! After inserting the needle under the skin, I push the medication in v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I will usually count at least 30-60 seconds before the medicine is fully pushed through. This handy tip has saved me a lot of pain and it actually reduced my bruising as well. Sometimes I'm too impatient and don't push slow, only to find a big purple bruise the next day. Yuck! After diligently practcing this, I am basically bruise free.

I hope these tips will help a mama out! Read more on my TTC experience here and Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips.

Photo by Unsplash