The Bible is an amazing piece of literature! Each morning its words show me something new and the best part is that it’s true .

The Earth & The tabernacle in the wilderness are both described as “tents” or “dwellings” in the Bible. 

The Bible uses this figurative language because God’s glory dwelled inside the tabernacle. In fact all of creation is God's dwelling. (Isa 66:1-2) 

The word became flesh and “dwelt” among us while we were still sinners. (John 1:14)

This symbolic “tabernacle” language describes a microcosm of a biblical macrocosmic prophetic “tabernacle” in which God and His people will dwell. 

So when the Bible speaks of “tent-like”structures and “dwellings", it is ultimately pointing our attention to the Great Day when God will restore creation and dwell among us in the New Heavens and the New Earth where sin will be no more! (Rev 21:3)

It’s a promise!

(There is also a smaller theme in this painting. It is the theme of prayer under the prayer shawl. It is a microcosm within a larger micro-macro relationship. The tabernacle was a house of prayer for Israel and the tallit or prayer shawl is like a mini tabernacle. All of our prayers are heard and carefully attended to by Yeshua our mediator. Our high priest.)



unframed oil on canvas 20" X 20" signed original art

original art is final sale

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Step into a world of divine revelation and healing through my Messianic prophetic art collection. Inspired by the sacred scriptures, each piece in this collection illuminates heavenly glories and the transformative power of the Messiah's words. With vibrant strokes and intricate symbolism, experience the interplay of spiritual revelation and healing, offering a glimpse into sacred realms beyond.

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