I can't even believe we are basically done with the entire book of Exodus! These torah portions really fly by and I truly hope that you are able to stay with us through the book of Leviticus!

Fun fact: The book of Leviticus is the center book of the entire Torah. It is also called the "heart of the Torah" because in the word "Leviticus", the Hebrew word for heart "lev" is included. 🀍

As we embark on reading this book with our children, let's consider it as a written revelation of Adonai's heart. What a beautiful thought to cherish!

What's New this Month?

  • Tabernacle Bingo!
  • Coloring the Gemstones
  • Gospel Connections

Do you have a suggestion to add? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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This is a homeschool digital download to be printed at home. Suitable for primary grades and inspired by a classical homeschool curriculum. All lessons based on the TLV or ESV bible version


  • Summary, copybook and activity pages for each of the following Torah portions
  • Vayalhel
  • Vayikrah
  • Pekudei
  • Tzav
  • Wilderness Roadmap

5 PDF files (8.5X11)