The Christmas tree pine smell, stockings on the fireplace mantle and the marshmallow hot chocolate on the stove. It's the season of creating a cozy holiday atmosphere in our homes and we all love doing it. Let's face it though, often Christmas cheer can sometimes come with a heavy price tag and lots of decluttering to do come the new year. This is why I opted for a minimalist Christmas this year. Here are the only three decor items I needed for Christmas 2016.

Oh Christmas Tree

In the past I have dug up our six foot pre-lit gigantasaurus of a Christmas tree from storage. With the Mr.'s help we would assemble and spruce it only to find that part of the tree didn't light or some other malfunction. Who has time for that? (Read full post at SMB...)

Merry Christmas!! Do you like the idea of a minimalist Christmas? Let me know in the comments. Linked up on Grace & Truth + Tuesday Talk