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Pumping for Micropreemie | Miracle Medicine


Miracle Medicine

There came a point in our preemies first week of life, where my milk hadnt come in yet and donor milk was not working out well for my preemie. The donor milk was literally turning a dark green in his tiny stomach and all feeds had to come to a halt.

Disclaimer: My experience is my own and of course is not meant to replace or serve as medical advice, but only my opinion. As always, discuss your personal situation with your doctors.

After my milk came in, the hospital started feeding him my milk and I saw with my own eyes how my milk slowly reversed the mucky green stuff residing in his fragile tiny tummy! NEC is a killer intestinal infection that plagues preemie babies today and breast milk has the ability to reduce the incidence of NEC by 80%. What?!

With tons of prayer and mommy’s milk, my 25 weeker went from weighing less than 500grams to over 1,100grams in a little over month! For me "liquid gold" is so much more than an expression. I am so grateful to be able to provide this personalized medicine for my baby.

Stay strong nicu mama! Exclusive pumping is hard work but it is possible and rewarding. Read my entire series of posts on pumping for micropreemie | Lactation Essentials | Focus on Preemie | Miracle Medicine | Homestretch | Final Notes



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