Pumping for Micropreemie | Focus on Preemie

Pumping for Micropreemie | Focus on Preemie

Focus on Preemie

Once my milk came in by about my 4th or 5th day of doing all of the items discussed in my previous post, all I had to do was watch my supply slowly increase and reach a point where I could maintain it. I took the process one day at a time and really tried not to think too far past my next pumping session. I kind of went on autopilot and with so much stress and uncertainty surrounding our nicu baby, I really didn't have any time or energy to over think it. I didn't know how long I would have to pump for and that really wasn't my focus at all.

My one and only focus while pumping was my baby and how much he needed that medicinal milk from mama. I placed his picture on my bedside and would stare at it while I pumped.

Disclaimer: My experience is my own and of course is not meant to replace or serve as medical advice, but only my opinion. As always, discuss your personal situation with your doctors.


At first it seemed like there was no way I would ever be able to supply enough milk. But every small little drop counts! My mom and hubby were the milk curriers and they would take even the tiniest amounts of collustrum to the baby at the nicu from my hospital room. The nicu staff would cheer us on and wouldnt let any of the collustrum go to waste. They would gavage (tube feed) those first few drops as they came in and it gave me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and joy to be able to help baby out in this way.

Stay strong nicu mama! Exclusive pumping is hard work but it is possible and rewarding. Read my entire series of posts on pumping for micropreemie | Lactation Essentials | Focus on Preemie | Miracle Medicine | Homestretch | Final Notes


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