Last year we went camping at Zion national park for Julian's Angelversary and we enjoyed it so much. We really hoped we would be able to camp out this year as well, but with our preemie in tow it was a lot more convenient to be able to stay somwhere close with a bed. Sedona was our pick for this year.

The Trolley (The Charley)

It is only about two hour drive from Phoenix to Sedona and we had to make a lunch stop on the way up. We arrived at about 3PM and we couldn't check in to our Airbnb for another hour so we had plenty of time to walk around the shops on route 89 and we were just in time for the last trolley tour of the day. I think our five yr old had never heard the word trolley so he was calling it 'The Charley' the whole time which we found a little too amusing and didn't feel the need to correct him. LOL.

We took the Boynton Canyon trolley ride which was a beautiful scenic drive at peak susnset. Our tour guide was a retiree from San Francisco who was very passionate about Sedona and it's cultural heritage. The trolley made a few stops at the trails for a closer look at the red rocks and some photo ops. Our five year old loves riding in all kinds of train/bus-like vehicles and our preemie was sound asleep in his baby wrap the entire time. HUGE win!

The Public Library

This was definitely not on our itenary but it should've been. Our second day there we didn't really have a plan other than hiking the trails. We hiked around Boyton Canyon in the morning before it got toasty. Where I really wanted to hike was Oak Creek Canyon though. Sadly, our five year old was pooped out from our morning hike and decided he didn't want to go hiking anymore, pouty face and all. Oh Boy!

I am a pretty used to negotiating deals with my son so I suggested we take a break at the [public library],( (for the sake of his tired legs and the sake of my sanity) then get a quick lunch before heading to our second trail of the day. He accepted my terms and it all worked out because the library had a super cute kids section where I could nurse Eliaz comfortably and Vitor even made a little play buddy! Cute and fun pit stop for those moments when you are trying to avoid a megalithic meltdown. You know what I mean.

Oak Creek Canyon

We almost didnt make it to Oak Creek Canyon but Im so glad hubby was willing to drive up a few more miles north of Sedona to visit this gem. The drive up there was a bueatifully tree lined winding road. Plenty of vista points to pull over on but we were trying to make it before sundown so we didn't make any stops.

We took the West Fork Trail which was easy to get to and it had plenty of parking, picnic tables and bathrooms available. The hike down to the creek was incredibly refreshing and we all enjoyed it so much, especially our little five year old who didn't want to come. He loved the wind and the trees. He enjoyed hiking down to the creek at several different spots with Dad. He even collected a few rocks here and there to show n tell at his school back home. Overall, this was the peaceful and natury highlight of our trip that we all needed. I know I definitely needed to get away from the city for a few days and this was the right choice.

Tlaqupaque Arts + Craft Village

The next morning we packed up and headed to breakfast at the cutest little art village modeled after a Mexican artisan town. We ate at the Secret Garden Cafe which had gluten free pancackes and capuccinnis. Yes and Thank you!

After our lovely breakfast, we walked around a bit and I nursed the baby before getting back on the road. If you are in Sedona, make sure you check out this little village. Lot's to see and good coffee.

I hope next year we can go back to Utah, but Sedona was lovely + magical. What do you love about Sedona?