Angel Book has only been on the market for a whole three months and I've already received way more orders than I had expected. Especially since I'm terrible at marketing and really haven't advertised much at all beyond pinterest and this blog. I could definitely improve in that department (if you have ideas please share!). However this tells me that despite my lack of marketing skills, mamas are buying and are finding a product that only a few years ago didnt even exist! When I came up with the idea of a baby loss journal, I literally could not find a single one except for a cheesy looking one that had terrible reviews on Amazon. Fastworward to 2018 and now there's at least a few different options of journals for bereaved mothers. How wonderful is that!?

As wonderful as I think that is, my heart still drops everytime I get those sale notification emails. When I put Angel Book on the market, I never imagined the sadness I would feel at every sale. I know that every time someone makes a purchase of my journal, a sweet baby somewhere out there has lost it's life and a mother's heart is shattered. I want my buyers to know that I see your pain this Mother's Day and I've wept for you. I've read your convos and e-mails and I don't simply skim them through. I know that you are hurting and I know exactly what that feels like. If I could give you a big hug of love and support during this painful time in your life, I sure would.

This Mother's Day, I can't send you all a big hug (virtual hug maybe?), but what I can do is give you 20% off Angel Book through Etsy (Aamazon did not allow me to create a mark down. Poo you Amazon). If you've already got one, maybe you know of someone special who is part of the club and who is going through their own grief journey.

How do you get to the sale? Just head over to my Etsy shop and you'll see a 20% mark down. Sale will end on May 6.

Wishing you all a gentle Mother's Day