What we are doing about COVID

What we are doing about COVID

I wish I could say that everything is well and good. But as you all know, things are getting real. This post is not meant to persuade anyone of the risks of the virus, nor is it a scare article about the pandemic. This is just a summary of the practical changes our family has made amid the unfolding chaos that we are all living in. Refer to my husbands Coronoviris Risk Reduction Tactics for a more thorough list of tips. Feedback is welcome.

General Hygiene Changes

We have changed the way we deal with germs in the home.

  • We wash our hands upon arriving at home from anywhere, even the babys hands.
  • We have a sanitation station in the kitchen where we keep gloves, lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, vinegar wipes, tissues and isoprpyl alcohol for easy access to adults.
  • We have traded out our kitchen counter spray for 70% isopropyl alcohol spray. That is what we use to wipe down the counterns every night and if we have time, we also wipe down door handles.
  • We use the sanitation mode on our dishwasher nightly.

Stock Up

Now I know you have heard about the hoarding all over the country. Maybe some judge people rightly. But the truth is that food and water are limited resources right now and they will become even more limited. We have a baby who requires milk and water. The last thing we want is to see our children going hungry or thirsty when we had ample time to prepare for this. How could I look at my child in the eye and say, "sorry bud, we just didn't think it would get this bad". This doesn't mean get more than your family needs for a couple of months, or stock a garage size pantry to show off. It just means, prepare wisely for hard times.

I purchased pails of food staples as soon as I saw the situation of rationed items in China. Anything that became a rationed item during the Wuhan quarantine, I made sure to get extra of. Just in case... Then as soon as my husband came to the same realization, he stocked up on water and other household items and first aid items. I cannot stress this enough.

First Aid

We always keep a small first aid kit at home. We dusted it off and did inventory of our first aid kit. Then we stocked up on general wellness medication. We made sure we had pain meds for the kids and ourselves. Flu and cough medications were also added to our kit. Is it hoarding and inconsiderate?? It's looking out for your family.
Hospitals became completely overwhelemed in China and Italy. If our hospitals became overwhelemed, and our family required medical attention, we may be out of luck. I do not want to find myself in a situation like that, but IF it came to that I would like to know that I could possibly handle small first aid situations at home if needed.

Online Groceries

At first we batched our trips to the store and made sure to sanitize the cart or even wear gloves. Since then, the grocery store situation has escalated to huge checkout lines and empty shelves. To avoid the grocery store crowds and stress, we have successfully been able to find food online. Services like amazon, instacart and walmart delivery have been pretty reliable although these avenues are also becoming virtually congested. I try to only buy kosher meat that is organic and free range, so that has also been a challenge these days. But not impossible.

Last But First

Remember our Heavenly Father's promises and cling to them. He has sheltered our family from so much in our lives these last few years. He has built us up spritually for times like these, and even through rough times, remember that these are the times that build character. Keep that in front of your mind and heart. Don't just lean onto his promises of faith, but give back to the Father as well in your obedience to Him. Take the time to know the God that you are leaning on and ask yourself what you can do for him in return. If you don't know where to begin, start by reading his word beginning with Genesis. Lastly, remember that this is not just about you, but we are all in this together. We pray for not only our loved ones, but all who are hurting world wide today.

"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken" Psalm 55:22

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
Shalom in Christ 💗

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