Pumping for Micropreemie | Lactation Essentials

Pumping for Micropreemie | Lactation Essentials


When the nurse asked me at the hospital if I was planning to nurse the baby or not, I was a bit confused.

Can I plan to nurse my micropreemie?

How could I possibly nurse a baby that fits in the palm of my hand and who is confined to an iselotte with countless montinors hooked up to him? Thankfully, I was surprised to learn that of course I could pump milk for my micrpreemie and tube feed him mamas milk per the interim until he was capable of latching to breast and feeding on his own. I had definitely envisioned nursing our third baby and was greatly looking forward to that bonding time. I also needed a mission of sorts to give me a feeling of purpose and helfullness so my answer was a quick definitive Yes!.

Disclaimer: My experience is my own and of course is not meant to replace or serve as medical advice, but only my opinion. As always, discuss your personal situation with your doctors.

Lactation Start-up Essentials

  • That same day I asked hubby to get me some Fennugreek to get my milk to come in ASAP.

  • I ordered Milk Rich and Happy Ducts from wishgarden herbs. I have a history of reccurent clogged ducts so I made sure to protect myself agaisnt that right away. Happy Ducts was a life saver with my first born.

  • A Lactation consultant came by a few hours later and gifted me collustrum bottles and other pumping essentials to get started right away.

  • That night I set an alarm for every 3-4 hours and got pumping with the madela symphony available at the hospital. About a month later, I switched to Willow pump so that I could pump in the car to and from the nicu. (I will review this pump in a later post)

  • I also made sure to take advantage of the hospital menu items and had oatmeal and beef/chicken broth everyday I was there.

Stay strong nicu mama! Exclusive pumping is hard work but it is possible and rewarding. Read my entire series of posts on pumping for micropreemie | Lactation Essentials | Focus on Preemie | Miracle Medicine | Homestretch | Final Notes






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