After losing Julian at 31 weeks gestation, the thought of getting preggo again one day gave me major PTSD. I really avoided any such thoughts at all costs and if the thought ever crept up in my mind, I would shove it away with my entire being. It took years until I felt brave enough to try again. And try again we did. In moments of axiety during my rainbow preganncy, these are the things that made things easier for me.

These are the things that I couldn't live without during my rainbow pregnancy. Scroll all the way down to see my amazon picksπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Snoogle Pillow

Being my third pregnancy, I got a noticable belly right away. I was also really paranoid about ever sleeping on my back on accident, since this is correlated with late term loss. I also really wanted to make sure I was getting enough quality sleep during my pregancy for optimal health. So my very first purchase was a snoogle. I used it every single night and it helped me never roll over onto my back during the night.

At Home Doppler

As soon as I hit the right gestational week, I purchased an at home baby doppler on amazon. At first it was a bit hard to find baby's heart beat, but after some practice, I became a pro. This little tool saved me from a lot of anxiety. I would use it before every prenatal visit to help ease some of my anxiety. It helped knowing that baby's heart beat was still there and then being able to confirm it at the doctors was even better. I also used it in between visits anytime I needed some reassurance.

Kick Counting App

During the tail end of my pregnancy, I had to be on hospital bed rest with continous monitoring. However, one thing the hospital didn't monitor was baby's kicks. My maternal fetal specialist tasked me with counting kicks after each mealtime. This allowed us to track babies movement patterns. Decreased movement in babies is an indication that something is wrong. So with the aid of a kick counting app, I was manually able to record his kicks and keep track of his movement patterns pretty easily and accurately.

Owlet Pregnancy Band

Ok this amazing baby tech is not yet available and I was not able to use it for my rainbow. However, I am beyond excited for the release of the owlet pregancy band later this year. As far as I'm concerned, this type of product is rediculously overdue! And I praise owletcare for caring enough about babies in utero to create such a meanigful product. In fact, this single product would eliminate most of the items on my list above since it enables mothers to monitor fetal heartbeat, count kicks and monitor mother's sleep postion. How amazing is that?! And how lucky are the mamas who will have access to it.


Practicing gratefulness is what kept my spirits up during pregnancy after loss. If you followed my blog, you know my pregnancy was at risk since the very beginning so it was undeniably easy to fall into discouragement. However, knowing that every day I stayed pregnant was a gift from God and being grateful for each tiny moment, allowed me to have a positive attitude through it all. It was such an incredible uplift that I will be releasing a new "rainbow pregnancy journal" that will encourage gratititude. I will keep you posted on the release!