Parenthood has by no means made our lives easier or less stressful for us. I cannot imagine being a single mom (like my own mom-100% respect to these ladies!) or the moms of the past who had to basically do all the child raising themselves. I'm a millennial and we do things a bit different. Heres why modern dad's deserve a very happy father's day.

  1. He shares most child raising responsibilities with you! Ok this is a huge one for me. What mama can't use a little extra help? I sure can. From changing those dirty diapers to late night duty calls, this man has you covered. We take turns and when one of us clearly can't handle another tantrum, your back up is right there to lend a helping hand.

  2. He hustles at his day job but enjoys some work life balance too. Paying the bills is important and a must but who likes to work all day and no play? Early on in our relationship we knew we wanted to travel the world together with or without children. Not many men would agree to this especially after your realize how hard it is to get through a 5 hour plane ride with a child! This man agreed and because of reason #1 we can both enjoy some leisure time with our children now and then.

  3. He probably works from home. One perk of being a modern dad is that you probably have a really cool hipster kind of job like being an entrepreneur, a software developer, a social media consultant or some thing that allows you to work remote. This allows us to save time on ridiculously long daily commutes and enjoy more of you. What would we do without the internet these days? Let's not try to answer that.

  4. He wants to homeschool your children. Modern dad's realize the importance of a well rounded education but also know that education should not be a once size fits all type of deal. He knows all about unschooling, online schooling and other awesome options for the modern child.

  5. He fears the Lord. Ok so this may not be widely popular among millennials in the Western World but every other place on earth is experiencing a newfound interest in religion and spirituality. Christianity is ablaze in Asia and dads in so many parts of the world are discovering that fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (Proverbs 9:10).

Above all, I thank this man for praying for our family and for practicing the importance of parenting not only for this world but also for the hereafter. If he had just #5 on this list, I would feel blessed.

Lizette, V & Sweet J