In 2018 I had a dream that a storm was coming

The sky was dark
The clouds were gray
The wind was wild
The rain was relentless
On a grassy hill in the distance
There was a white country home
A sliver of sunshine through the thick clouds
Above the little house rested a subtle glow
Like a beacon in the wilderness
The wind pushing me toward the grassy hill
My feet deep in muddy earth
One boot in front of the other
I knew just what I had to do
There would be shelter there
for a little while
There would be healing there
for a little while
There would be safety there
for a little while
Through the coming storm

(I wrote this dream down as soon I woke up. It seemed urgent. This is a poetic description of the dream I had in 2018)

This dream was the first time I knew in my heart that the time was near. I felt an urgency but also helplessness because I had no idea how or where to begin finding a country home. So I did what I often do in times of helplessness, I prayed for help and I waited for an answer.

When God called Noah to build an ark, he didn't just leave him to his imagination. He told Noah exactly how to build the ark.

I felt called, but I wasn't given any detailed plans. The only thing I had to go on was that dream about the grassy hill. We didn't have a house blueprint yet, so we decided the first thing we would do is look for land.